March 21st at The Shunt Vaults

Arts, theatre and music festival by and for young people. Saturday event for young people only!! Limited capacity so come early (3pm) to avoid partying on your own in London Bridge Station!

Special Guests on the 21st

Live sets from Patrick Wolf, Cassie and the Cassettes, Ex-Lovers and DJing from guest stars including These New Puritans. Workshops from BFI, Le Gun Magazine, Mermaid Nation, Prick Your Finger, Kids Company Boxing Ring, Matthew Robins and more to be confirmed...

19 March 2009

only 48 hours to go...don't forget to bring ID and come early.. we may well get full!

26 February 2009

Patrick Wolf is going to be flying in from another gig straight from airport to play with us at the Shunt Vaults on Saturday 21st..
he will be playing piano accompanied by a violinist. How coool is that....thanks Patrick!

20 February 2009

more planning! macabre goings on with Hansel and Gretel and gingerbread.
planning the Shunt Vaults event on the light box whiteboard
Our pilot writing his notes on the magic projection white board
Papercake Melody Band playing with Les Apaches at The Drawing Room, Stoke Newington Airport on Valentines Day...
Tapdancing: a fine art
singing in the rain
The man himself captured in ink
Top hats, umbrellas, giant scissors and playacting.. quick on the draw is the only way to absorb the stories
drawings, cartoons, ideas, narratives and notes...
The murderous intent saved by the mad parrot scientist
Valentine's day 2009.... decapitating psychos, Saint Valentine himself, the fox, singing in the rain. Drawing workshop with a difference.
What macabre stories are we telling?
The Drawing Room at Stoke Newington Airport. Drawing in character
BFI workshop: stop frame animation of spider crawling
Preparing spider animation with moving legs to crawl across the screen
February 2009. Cutting out characters for stop frame animations at the BFI. Spiders, and crazy boxing scenes, throwing cats they were all there.

16 February 2009

Turning all that he touched to Gold. Starved of food and love his riches were no longer those of a wealthy man.
Opera and projects, shadows and music. The accordion and the flyboy opera. Burlington Gardens turns into the House of Fairy Tales festival
The house of lights given over to the trickery of the small electronics. constructions and thoughts of tales and stories, puppets and manikins. The Waiting Room of Death
The house of mirrors, the moving floor in the House of Fun, the walls coming closer. Looking for the treasure through the secret door. The eyes tricked by the game. We searched and searched but the labyrinth continued. The genie stayed in the lamp.
cutting off hands, painting eyes, torturing the wolf, red riding hood as lolita

text pieces with tragic endings, happy endings, comical endings and bad beginnings, humourous intrigue and most of all adventures
the circus of fairy tales. Canvas, painted mannikins, carnivalesque and macabre, play if you dare